Dolakha District

Dolakha District

Educate the Children has been working in Dolakha District since 2004. Our work there began by way of a collaboration with the Thami Education Project. This was a small scholarship program initiated by community leaders with the help of two anthropologists, Sara Shneiderman and Mark Turin. The project was managed by locally by the Thami organization Fashelung Samajik Sewa (Fashelung Social Service), a local NGO registered in Dolakha district. The TEP projects have been superceded by the expansion of our full Integrated Community Development work to Dolakha District. Today, Educate the Children and Fashelung Samajik Sewa work as full and equal partners putting Integrated Community Development into practice. The slide show below gives a brief introduction to the area and people.


A project area wide meeting was held in January 2009 to present and discuss progress during the course of 2008. Here is a report (pdf) prepared by Nepal Assistant Director Ganga Gautam.

Additional information about about Educate the Children's work in Dolakha can be found in the Spring 2007 and Fall 2008 issues of our newsletter.

The Dolakha District Development Committee website has a variety of statistics, including for the three Village Development Committees (VDCs) we are working in: Suspa Kshemawati, Sundrawati and Sunkhani.

We work with all Dalits and Janajatis resident in the three VDCs, but the Thamis are by far the most numerous.

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