Educate the Children's Alternative Gift List

Training for one teacher ($30)
Though Nepal has more than 91,000 public school teachers, less than half have any formal teacher training. ETC provides a range of teacher training opportunities and helps empower educators with new skills and methods. With this gift you can help a teacher get the training he or she needs.

Literacy for one woman ($35)
Barely 35% of Nepali women are literate. But when women are able to access and understand the written word, a world of potential opens before them. While ETC's Women's Development Program has grown to encompass the formation of women's groups and cooperatives, the creation of savings and loan associations, and the initiation of a host of social and economic development activities, literacy training remains the starting point. Help a woman learn to read and write by giving the gift of literacy.

Kitchen gardens for four families ($50)
ETC promotes kitchen gardens to women's group members to introduce the cultivation and consumption of a wide variety of vegetables and leafy greens that improve the family diet. They also learn new agricultural skills that allow them to begin to generate income for their family by selling produce that they have grown. By giving a loved one a kitchen garden you help thee women improve the food security and income of her family.

Two Goats and Training for a Livestock Business ($100)
In Nepal, you don't need land to start an income generating livestock business but you do need livestock and training. Your gift of a $100 will provide a woman with 2 goats and the necessary intensive livestock and husbandry training to start a dairy/meat business and thus allow them to generate income and a sustainable future for themselves and their family.

Toilet for one household ($150)
Every women's group member is provided with materials needed for constructing a toilet (including a septic tank) which improves family hygiene and keeps the surrounding environments clean. Studies have shown that this is one of the most significant tools for improving public health in developing countries. By giving the gift of a toilet, you can help families lead healthier and happier lives.

Micro Loans ($250)
For low-caste mountain women in Nepal, access to loans or credit at a fair rate is nearly impossible. ETC provides micro loans through Women's Groups in order to allow women to have the resources needed to start their own businesses and improve their lives. Your gift will provide five women with the $50 micro loans needed to start small agri-businesses or retail and hospitality enterprises shops as small inns, tea shops, or craft and textile businesses.

Through Educate the Children's sponsorship programs, you can become a partner in lasting change for Nepal by sponsoring a women's group ($500) or a child ($240) for one year. Sponsors receive photos, letters and annual progress reports for those they sponsor and make incredibly thoughtful holiday, birthday, graduation, or other life milestone gifts.


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*Contributions to specific programs are considered contributions to our total mission. Once specific project activities have been funded, additional gifts will be used where needed most.