Jan Bikash Primary School before...

... and today


Creating a healthy academic atmosphere is essential for educational success. A key feature of ETC's education work is school support. ETC's school rehabilitation work ensures that schools in its program areas have adequate infrastructure. This helps improve the quality of education, increase school enrollments and reduce dropout rates. ETC facilitates the renovation and refurnishing of the school buildings by providing roofing, wall and floor plastering, fencing, retaining walls, doors and windows, toilets, safe drinking water, room extension, playground equipment, furniture, and office equipment. ETC's investment in school support is matched by a community contribution of at least 25% to cover costs, though often the community contribution is larger than ETC's. This ensures that the community develops a sense of responsibility toward the shcool which encourages their continuing involvement


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Better schools = Better education

Megh Bahadur Tamang, Medical Assistant

Krishna Bahadur KC is Vice Principal of Kitini Higher Secondary School in Godavari. He also worked as a teacher for 25 years and was a deputy District Education Officer in two Districts. When asked how ETC helped his school, KC said, "ETC contributed a lot to raise the quality of education, reduce dropouts, create a better academic environment and showed us how we can teach joyfully."