Nepal's educational system generally is not up to the task of providing students with the skills necessary for carving out a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Less than 50% of teachers have any formal training beyond high school. Many schools lack even basic infrastructure such as benches, tables, blackboards and playgrounds. The failure rate is very high, and few students make it past 5th grade. ETC works with public schools to:

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Establish kindergarten classes including training teachers in age-appropriate pedagogy

Many of the children ETC works with are from janjati communities and quite often Nepali is their second language. When these children start school in the first grade, they are at an immediate disadvantage. Read More

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Provide Scholarships to the children of poor and marginalized communities

Keeping children in school is a major challenge for many families. The economic needs of the household often trump the desire parents have to send their kids to school. Read More

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Improve school buildings and facilities

Creating a healthy academic atmosphere is essential for educational success. ETC's school rehabilitation work ensures that schools in its program areas have adequate infrastructure. Read More


Provide diverse training opportunities for teachers

One of the major obstacles for improving the quality of education in Nepali public schools is lack of adequately trained teachers. Though Nepal has more than 91,000 public school teachers, less than half have any formal training in pedagogy. Read More