Women in Nepal routinely suffer from lack of access to education, money and technology. Barely 25% of Nepali women are literate. They face systematic discrimination due to institutionalized chauvinism and a pronounced cultural preference for sons in Nepali society. The fundamental goal of ETC's Women's Empowerment program is empowerment - working with women to help them gain the confidence and skills to be leaders in their communities. ETC does this by:

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Providing quality education for women

Less than 25% of Nepali women are literate. When women are able to access and understand the written word, a world of potential opens before them. Read More

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Facilitating the formation of women's groups and local community organizations to strengthen local capacity and ensure the sustainability of development activities

Basic literacy classes are an intense experience and the participants develop close bonds of friendship and solidarity. The formation of these groups is an essential feature of ETC's work. Read More

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Improving the health of families through toilet construction and health maintenance trainings

Rural women's health needs are often given short-shrift in Nepal. Through Health Awareness trainings, women's group members learn basic strategies for taking better care of themselves and their families. Read More