three childrenMany of the children ETC works with are from janjati communities and quite often Nepali is their second language. When these children start school in the first grade, they are at an immediate disadvantage as the standard curriculum is taught exclusively in Nepali. In response to community demand to address this problem, ETC created a pre-primary education program which establishes kindergartens in every school with which we work. Kindergartens are fairly new in Nepal, and few government schools have them. Consequently, ETC works closely with school officials, parents, and teachers to establish and maintain the kindergartens as permanent fixtures within schools.

Kindergartens prepare children for a lifetime of learning. Kindergarten classes help children form a habit of coming to school regularly. Educators trained by ETC nurture the innate creativity of children and prepare them for the rigors of primary education and beyond. ETC-sponsored Kindergartens make learning joyful and effective, which encourages the holistic development of the child. Children who have passed through the Kindergarten program develop good study habits, health practices and socialization that will serve them throughout their lives.

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