U.S. Staff

U.S. Board of Directors

Lisa Lyons, U.S. Director

Elisabeth Prentice (President), Retired non-profit executive

Teresa Sawester, Sponsorships and Communications Manager

Melvin Goldman (Vice President), Founder, Intech Ventures

Nepal Staff

Daniel Weed (Treasurer), Horizon Program Manager, Lakeview Health Services

Mira Maiya Singh Rana, Nepal Director

Barbara Butterworth, International educator and development consultant

Laxmi Bhakta Basukala, Education Director

Michael Esposito, Human Resources Consultant, Office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations, Cornell University

Neela Malla, Administration and Finance Officer

Pete Fritts, Retired attorney

Anjoo Lata Singh, Women's Empowerment Officer

Charles Goodman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University

Bisham Prasad Mahato, Agricultural Development Officer

James Johnston, Retired non-profit executive

Rajanee Kunwar, Documentation Officer

Sally McConnell-Ginet, Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Cornell University

Sangita Shrestha, Administrative and Procurement Assistant

Susanna Pearce, Independent consultant

Dayaram Yakami, Office Assistant

U.S. Advisory Council

Chandi Prashad Shrestha, District Coordinator (field office)

Katherine Anderson, Director of Development for International Affairs, Cornell University

Janga Bahadur Thami, Accounting and Program Assistant (field office)

Linda Farthing, Writer and former ETC Executive Director

Hira Maya Thami, Education Coordinator (field office)

Kathryn March, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology, Feminist/Gender/Sexuality Studies, and Public Affairs, Cornell University

Hishila Thami, Women's Empowerment Program Motivator (field office)

Katharine Rankin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

Prasina Thami, Women's Empowerment Program Motivator (field office)

Donovan Russell, International Development Consultant and former Country Director, Peace Corps Nepal

Kamala Ukhria, Women's Empowerment Program Motivator (field office)

Sara Shneiderman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia

Shanti Jirel, Agricultural Technician (field office)

Colleen Thapalia, Director of Graduate Admissions, College of St. Rose

Chock Badahur Thami, Agricultural Technician (field office)

Mark Turin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Chair, First Nations Language Program, University of British Columbia