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A quick note about sponsorships and communication: Some of you have expressed a wish to communicate directly with your sponsored child or group, including sending "care" packages and letters, etc. to us, to be passed along. While we certainly understand the desire to do that sort of thing, it really makes things very difficult on our Nepal staff and causes us to incur additional expenses. Sending packages to Nepal is fairly expensive, because it requires use of a courier service vs. the regular mail. Once a package arrives, a staff member has to take charge of it and transport/carry it (often a long way) to its intended destination - many of these villages aren't on the road and must be reached on foot. Moreover, it can cause bad feeling and resentment, especially among the children, if one child receives something from his/her sponsor and the rest do not. We therefore ask for your understanding when we request that you not send packages or correspondence for us to pass along to the sponsored child or group. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us.

Sponsorship of a Child's Education ($275/year)

In rural Nepal, many families cannot afford to send their children to school - and the schools themselves are badly in need of repair. Educate the Children works to create school environments that foster learning, and provide teachers with essential training and resources. Your support will help Educate the Children provide scholarships to the children of poor and marginalized communities; establish pre-primary (pre-school/kindergarten classes); improve school buildings; and train teachers in creative, age-appropriate pedagogy.

When you sponsor a child's education, both she and her school will blossom.

Sponsor a Child and School

Women's Group Sponsorship ($600/year)

Educate the Children helps women to improve their own lives, claim a space in the public sphere, and create positive change in their communities. Women's groups are the heart of social change. In basic literacy classes, members form close bonds that strengthen as they learn about and celebrate their rights. Over time, groups merge to form cooperatives that take on the work of ongoing social and economic development. New leaders and new organizations are born, fueling economic growth and community well-being long after Educate the Children's work is complete.

By sponsoring a women's group, you open doors for an entire community.

Sponsor a Women's Group

Pre-Primary Classroom Sponsorship ($1,000/year)

Educate the Children has just launched a new opportunity to sponsor an entire pre-primary (pre-school/kindergarten) classroom in a Nepali village. We know that quality early childhood education helps children form good habits of regular attendance, paying attention, and socializing well with peers that will serve them well throughout their lives. Properly trained teachers encourage their students' holistic development and prepare them for higher grades. We must invest in early education to help young children succeed!

A pre-primary classroom sponsorship supports all of these activities:

  • Making necessary physical improvements to the classrooms. Many need wall plastering and painting, carpeting, etc. Some need structural improvements such as leaky roof repair or the installation of secure doors.
  • Furnishing and providing supplies for the classrooms. ETC provides child-sized furniture and useful classroom materials such as games, charts, art supplies, white boards, storage units, etc.
  • Training teachers. Most early childhood educators in rural Nepal are young and inexperienced women who have had only minimal training and are not very aware of best practices in working with children ages 3-6. ETC provides ongoing training opportunities for these teachers, covering such important topics as classroom management, interactive teaching methods, and lesson planning.
  • Launching and facilitating professional early childhood education teachers' networks. Through their participation in regular meetings, the teachers can share successes and challenges and learn from one another - greatly enhancing their confidence and their commitment to their jobs.

Help transform a classroom like the one pictured below!

Sponsor a Women's Group

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