One of the major obstacles for improving the quality of education in Nepali public schools is lack of adequately trained teachers. Though Nepal has more than 91,000 public school teachers, less than half have any formal training in pedagogy. While the government has some teacher training programs in place, these reach only about 2,000 teachers per year and are limited in their effectiveness. Such programs lack adequate follow-up and do not involve whole schools, only individual teachers who are frequently reassigned between schools. Most schools also lack the appropriate number of teachers. The average student/teacher ratio is 40/1 and teachers often lack skills to effectively manage such large classes.

From the inception of its community development work, ETC has provided a range of teacher training opportunities. These trainings have the objective of making classrooms child friendly, enhancing the general knowledge and skills of teachers, and providing training in age appropriate pedagogical techniques. Because it is essential that all interested parties collaborate in the school improvement process, ETC always involves school headmasters and parents in its work. The end result is that teachers are empowered with new pedagogical skills and methods, and can count on the support of parents and the school administration. This results in improved education for children.

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